10 Of The Most Comfortable Dress Shoes For Men (2023)

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Most Comfortable Men’s Dress Shoes Overall Supreme, Sartorial Comfort Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Cap Toe Oxford Most Affordable Comfortable Men’s Dress Shoes Cushioned Style For A Modest Price Johnston & Murphy Lewis Plain Toe Most Comfortable Men’s Dress Boots Ankle Boots With Comfortable Soles Crockett and Jones Chelsea 11 Boots Most Comfortable Men’s Business Casual Shoes Understated, Casual Cool Santoni Leather Derby Shoes Most Comfortable Men’s Dress Shoes For Standing All Day Elevated Shoe With Cushion And Flexibility Cole Haan Men's ZeroGrand Stitchlite Wingtip Oxfords Most Comfortable Men’s Slip-On Dress Shoes Extreme Comfort From A Luxury Brand Loro Piana Summer Walk Loafers Most Comfortable Men’s Black Dress Shoes A Versatile Classic To Boot New York Men's Forley Cap-Toe Leather Oxfords Most Comfortable Men’s Dress Shoes For Wide Feet Elegance Paired With Durability Anthony Veer Ford Quarter Brogue Oxford Most Comfortable Men's Dress Shoes For Walking All Day Lace-Ups For On-The-Go Samuel Hubbard Highlander Plain Toe Derby Most Comfortable Men’s Dress Sneakers Casual-But-Transformational Dress Shoe Peter Millar Drift V2 Sneaker My Expertise How I Chose The Best Men’s Comfortable Dress Shoes What To Consider About Dress Shoes Fit Shoe Shape and Width Sole and Insole Slip-On Versus Lace-Up Do Most Men’s Dress Shoes Come In Different Widths? How Can I Tell If A Dress Shoe Fits? Can Men’s Dress Shoes Be Dressed Down? FAQs Videos

The most comfortable men’s dress shoes are the formal(ish) ones you wear to work, weddings and parties when sneakers won’t fly. As is the case with many types of shoes, there are good and bad ones out there. The wrong dress shoes are stiff, painful to wear and look like they belong in a time capsule from the 1950s. The best dress shoes, on the other hand, mold to your feet, feel great and fit in with other stylish items in your closet. To find out what separates the torturous from the truly excellent, we consulted experts who spend a lot of time on their feet and prioritize comfort (and good looks) in footwear.

Ahead, you’ll find all the pairs we highly recommend. Our picks for the Most Comfortable Men’s Dress Shoes Overall (the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Cap Toe Oxford) and Most Affordable Comfortable Men’s Dress Shoes (the Johnston & Murphy Lewis Plain Toe) not only have outfit-making potential, but they’re also nearly as comfortable as your everyday sneakers. You can read more about how we made these selections at the end of this guide, and for more on men’s fashion, check out our stories on best men’s dress shirts and best men’s jeans.


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Most Comfortable Men’s Dress Shoes Overall

Supreme, Sartorial Comfort


Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Cap Toe Oxford

Sizes: 5-16 | Widths: AAAA-EEE | Colors: Dark Chili, Black, Walnut Brown, Coffee Brown, Mahogany, Burgundy Leather | Upper Material: Calfskin | Sole Material: Leather

This classic shoe—first introduced in 1982—is frequently touted by both stylists and podiatrists due to its sleek silhouette and supportive fit. While so many comfortable dress shoes skew vaguely orthopedic, this iconic lace-up oxford is cushy and forgiving yet visually minimalist: It features an updated low profile, leather-lined interior, cork insoles that mold to your foot and it’s available in ten different widths.

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Most Affordable Comfortable Men’s Dress Shoes

Cushioned Style For A Modest Price

Sizes: 8-14 | Widths: M | Colors: Tan, Black | Upper Material: Nappa full grain leather | Sole material: Leather and rubber

This more casual dress shoe has a memory foam-cushioned footbed to make it springy, and the rubber sole offers traction while commuting across cement-lined streets, subway platforms, or on slick office flooring. While this shoe only comes in a medium width, it’s a little more forgiving than other, stiffer shoes and it runs slightly wider in the forefoot for added comfort, according to Howard Friedman, MD, podiatrist at Suffern Podiatry.

Most Comfortable Men’s Dress Boots

Ankle Boots With Comfortable Soles

Crockett and Jones Chelsea 11 Boots

Sizes: 6-14 | Widths: M | Colors: Dark Brown Scotch Grain, Black Scotch Grain | Upper Material: Calf leather | Sole Material: Rubber

British shoe manufacturer Crockett and Jones has been making men’s footwear since 1879, with designs ranging from sporty chukka boots to elegant velvet slippers to versatile derbys. This pull-on pair’s almond-shaped toe allows feet room to spread out, and its water-resistant welt and cleated Vibram rubber sole make it springy, durable and the perfect traction for slick winter sidewalks.

Most Comfortable Men’s Business Casual Shoes

Understated, Casual Cool

Santoni Leather Derby Shoes

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Sizes: 7-13 | Widths: M | Colors: Brown | Upper Material: Calf Leather| Sole Material: Rubber

Luxury Italian shoemaker Santoni is possibly best known for their handmade high-end oxfords and derbys, which are boardroom favorites. This casual take on a classic—it’s an elegant sneaker-derby hybrid—can be worn with everything from dress pants to khakis to jeans. While these shoes have a slightly tapered shape, some say they run large so take that into consideration when picking your size.

Most Comfortable Men’s Dress Shoes For Standing All Day

Elevated Shoe With Cushion And Flexibility

Cole Haan Men's ZeroGrand Stitchlite Wingtip Oxfords

Sizes: 7-14 | Widths: M | Colors: Black, Marine Blue | Upper Material: Fabric and leather | Sole Material: Rubber

Cole Haan is at the top of foot specialists’ lists for comfort, and this pair has hundreds of positive reviews. While the fabric construction is slightly informal, the tight weave is more sophisticated than a sneaker and the responsive material allows feet and toes room to spread out. The special soles have pumped up cushioning, foot-friendly flexibility and they’re lightweight. Another bonus: These offer a great fit and comfort right out of the box.

Most Comfortable Men’s Slip-On Dress Shoes

Extreme Comfort From A Luxury Brand

Loro Piana Summer Walk Loafers

Sizes: 5-15 | Widths: M | Colors: 17 colors, from muted neutrals to bold brights (available at a variety of retailers) | Upper Material: Suede | Sole Material: Rubber

These unassuming, hand-stitched slip-ons are so popular it can be difficult to get your hands on a pair. Their low-profile white sole is springy and forgiving on feet and joints, and the supple full-grain leather is flexible if you’ll be doing lots of walking. We especially love that the sneaker-meets-dress-shoe construction makes them appropriate for a variety of outfit choices—paired with khakis, slightly rolled jeans or stylish suiting.

Most Comfortable Men’s Black Dress Shoes

A Versatile Classic

To Boot New York Men's Forley Cap-Toe Leather Oxfords

Sizes: 7-13 | Widths: M | Colors: Cuoio, Black | Upper Material: Leather | Sole Material: Leather

If you’re the guy who still wears a suit to work, this subtle, understated, goes-with-everything shoe is your go-to. Despite a refined silhouette, this pair allows for a little more room near the bridge of your foot and at the toe, so the fit doesn’t feel constricting. Wearers like that the leather is supple and molds to the foot, so this pick is comfortable whether you’re meeting with clients, standing at a cocktail party or running to catch a train.

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Most Comfortable Men’s Dress Shoes For Wide Feet

Elegance Paired With Durability

Anthony Veer Ford Quarter Brogue Oxford

Sizes: 7-14 | Widths: D, EE | Colors: Black, Oxblood, Walnut | Upper Material: Leather | Sole Material: Leather, rubber

Not brands make wide widths but Anthony Veer offers accommodating shoes that are both good looking and reasonably priced. This stylishly perforated brogue is leather-lined with a lightly cushioned insole; plus, its “Goodyear welt construction”—the gold standard of shoe construction—means the sole is durable and can be easily replaced when you eventually wear them down. Just note: Some reviewers say these run large.

Most Comfortable Men's Dress Shoes For Walking All Day

Lace-Ups For On-The-Go

Samuel Hubbard Highlander Plain Toe Derby

Sizes: 7-15 | Widths: M, W | Colors: Black Pebble Grain, Brown Pebble Grain | Upper Material: Leather | Sole Material: Vibram rubber

(Video) The Most Comfortable Dress Shoes I've Ever Worn!

The Samuel Hubbard shoe company was founded in 2013 by Bruce Katz, whose family launched Rockport in 1971. Katz clearly knows the secret to creating comfortable shoes: If you’re going to be on your feet for hours, you need to start with a good, flexible foundation. These derbys have a Vibram sole that’s both lightweight and durable, and a breathable memory foam insole that’s removable if you prefer a custom insole or orthotics. You’ll be painless and polished throughout the day, whether wearing these with a suit or jeans.

Most Comfortable Men’s Dress Sneakers

Casual-But-Transformational Dress Shoe

Peter Millar Drift V2 Sneaker

Sizes: 8-15 | Widths: M | Colors: Black, Grey, Hazelwood, Navy | Upper Material: Fabric | Sole Material: Rubber

Raleigh, North Carolina-based Peter Millar is a well-respected presence in the casual men’s sportswear space, and these shoes perfectly embody the brand’s sporty-elegant vibe. Thier textile mesh upper is supportive and breathable, they have a padded tongue and removable foam insole with extra cushioning as well as a shock-absorbent midsole. The elastic laces are customizable, and the rounded toe allows movement and breathing room. Style tip: The black and navy tend to read dressier than the lighter shades.

My Expertise

For this story, I spoke with three foot and footwear specialists: Colin Dombroski, PhD, author of The Plantar Fasciitis Plan: Free Your Feet From Morning Pain and founder and clinical director at orthotic and footwear company SoleScience; New York-based men’s fashion stylist Turner Allen, founder and lead stylist at Style Turner; and Howard Friedman, DPM, podiatrist and owner of Suffern Podiatry. They discussed things to consider when shopping for comfortable dress shoes, how to find the best fit, and the specific pairs that combine comfort and style. Their unifying message: Finding a great dress shoe isn’t just about picking something you like in your size, it’s about finding a fit that accommodates the entire shape of your foot.

How I Chose The Best Men’s Comfortable Dress Shoes

To determine the best comfortable dress shoes for men, I first informally surveyed the men I know to learn about their favorite comfortable shoe styles, brands and models. I considered shoes highly recommended by podiatrists, and I evaluated the models highlighted by the experts I spoke with. Finally, I read hundreds of customer reviews of men’s dress shoes at a wide variety of price points. I ultimately chose the best comfortable dress shoes by evaluating whether they successfully met most of the following criteria: universality of fit, size availability, width availability, adjustability, degree of cushioning from a liner or sole, flexibility and overall versatility.

What To Consider About Dress Shoes

As with many things, men’s dress shoes have become more casual overall post-pandemic. “Since most men no longer have to wear a suit and tie every day, oxfords are less popular, and derbys and loafers are in,” says Turner. “Simple designs are the most appealing because they’re the most versatile.”


“It’s important to remember that you have a foot shape, not just a shoe size,” says Dombroski. “You have to focus on fit most of all. You may measure a certain size, but that size is only a starting point of your length, width and depth.” Also, if you haven’t been measured in a few years, it’s a good idea to go into a shoe store to get professionally measured: “It’s typical for a person’s foot to elongate and widen over time,” says Friedman.

To ensure you have the best fit, the experts we spoke with recommend taking the following steps when trying on dress shoes:

  • If possible, remove a shoe’s liner and stand on it, says Friedman. This way you can visually see if it accommodates both the length and width of your foot to ensure you won’t experience rubbing on the sides, front or heels.
  • Try on shoes with the socks you plan on wearing with them, says Friedman.
  • If a dress shoe is uncomfortable at the outset, move on. “If it’s squeezing your toes, that’s not going to improve with time,” says Friedman. “It likely won’t ‘break in,’ and your foot is going to suffer. It will get blistered and, with repetitive use, the area will callous and you may experience prolonged discomfort.” You’ve been warned.

Shoe Shape and Width

Not all shoes come in wider widths, so if you have a wide foot or prefer a little more room at the bridge of your foot, try to find a style that can accommodate you. In general, a rounded toe will be more comfortable as opposed to pointed styles. “Your toes splay while you’re standing and they need room to move,” says Friedman. “They can function better and will be more comfortable if they’re not encumbered.”

Sole and Insole

Soles are made of leather or rubber, and while leather has some give to it, rubber soles offer more flexibility and springiness. “Vibram rubber soles are more durable and comfortable [than leather], especially for men living in cities where driving isn’t the norm,” says Allen. “Lug soles are a client favorite because they can easily withstand different terrains.” Dombroski agrees: “Most people bear their weight on the heels and balls of their feet,” he says. “Rubber soles absorb shock better. They grab more traction and offer more comfort on a high stress area, specifically the balls of your feet.”

Another factor that can significantly affect comfort is an insole liner. “A liner acts as a buffer,” says Friedman. “Some liners have cushioning and arch support built into them. Look to see if there’s a removable liner, especially if you use orthotics.”

Slip-On Versus Lace-Up

Dress shoes with laces tend to be the most versatile. “The advantage of laces is that they allow you to make adjustments to the shoe,” says Friedman. “ You can make it looser in the front or keep snug on the top so it reduces slippage.”

If you work in a creative or more casual field, slip-ons are a stylish and comfortable choice since they often come with rubber soles. However, “if you have a high instep and voluminous foot, you may find slip-on shoes uncomfortable because you can’t adjust that part of the shoe,” says Dombroski.

Do Most Men’s Dress Shoes Come In Different Widths?

Several popular brands have men’s dress shoes in varying widths, including Johnston & Murphy, Allen Edmonds, Rockport, Stacy Adams and Cole Haan. Another way to make a shoe wider, experts say, is to remove a shoe’s insole to allow your foot to have room to spread out. “If a shoe doesn’t come in a wide width and you need slightly more space, removing the insole can potentially give you extra space if you need it,” says Dombroski.

How Can I Tell If A Dress Shoe Fits?

There are a few simple guidelines, says Dombroski:

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  • “First, you should have a bit of room—about a quarter of an inch—between the end of your longest toe and the end of the shoe to accommodate for movement and swelling throughout the day,” he says. “If it’s a running shoe you may want a bit more space, but not necessarily with a dress shoe when you’re sitting for a good portion of the day.”
  • “The shoe width shouldn’t feel constricting,” he says. “You should be able to wiggle your toes slightly.”
  • “Take out the insole of the shoe, and then stand on it on the ground,” says Dombroski. “Does your foot fit within the outline of the insole? That’s a pretty good indication of proper fit. If your fourth and fifth toe aren’t fitting, move on.”

Can Men’s Dress Shoes Be Dressed Down?

Absolutely. “Rounded, English-style toes, pebbled leather and chunky soles are casual and easy to wear in both dress and informal environments,” says Allen. Dress shoes like derbys, brogues, slip-ons or loafers can be worn with anything from denim to khakis to a variety of dress pants and suits.


Is there such a thing as comfortable dress shoes? ›

Fortunately, there are tons of comfortable dress shoes for women out there, like trendy loafers that pair well with trousers, dresses and skirts; classic pumps that offer a polished look in a formal work setting; ballet flats that offer a similar dressiness without the balancing effort; or stylish booties with a lower ...

Which formal shoes are comfortable for standing all day? ›

Brands like Clarks, Florsheim, Mephisto, and Rockport have been selling comfortable dress shoes for several decades. Many of their products combine formal silhouettes with rubber or foam midsoles – a design that makes walking or standing comfortable. A cushy foam-lined footbed is often part of the package.

What are the best shoes for standing 12 hours a day? ›

Best Overall Shoe for Standing All Day: Nike Phantom React Men's | Nike Phantom React Women's. Best Work Shoe for Standing All Day: adidas Ultraboost 22 Men's | adidas Ultraboost 22 Women's. Best Athletic Shoe for Standing All Day: Hoka One One Bondi 7 Men's | Hoka One One Bondi 7 Women's.

Which footwear brand is most comfortable? ›

Dr. Koshimune cites New Balance, ASICS, Brooks, Altra, Hoka One, and Merrell as companies that offer a wide range of athletic shoes. While best known for heels and boots, Vionic also has an excellent active shoe line that includes comfortable walking shoes and slip-on sneakers.

Why do dress shoes hurt my feet? ›

Women's dress shoes, particularly high heels, often feature a narrow forefoot, which increases the pressure on the balls of your feet. You can never truly take a balanced step in this footwear. Bunions, hammertoes, ingrown toenails and other recurring blisters are often the result.

What shoes are good for standing for 10 hours? ›

7 Best Shoes For Standing All Day, 100+ Shoes Tested in 2023
  • Best overall. Brooks Ghost 14. $140 $80 From Amazon.
  • Best for flat feet. Skechers Arch Fit. $85 $44 From Amazon.
  • Best for wide feet. Hoka Clifton 8. ...
  • Best for work. Hoka Bondi SR. ...
  • Best style. Adidas Ultraboost 21. ...
  • Best value. New Balance 623 v3. ...
  • Most popular. On Cloud 5.
Jan 24, 2023

What brand is similar to Cole Haan? ›

Cole Haan's competitors and similar companies include Skechers, Hockerty, Graham's and rue21. Cole Haan manufactures and markets apparel and outerwear, shoes, handbags and wallets, and accessories worldwide.

Who makes high quality shoes? ›

Top International Shoe Manufacturers and Companies
CompanyNo. of Employees
1.Adidas AG56,888
4.Burberry Group plc10,000
8 more rows

What are the big 3 shoe brands? ›

The Best Sneaker Brands, at a Glance
  • The Reigning Heavyweights: Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Converse, Vans.
  • The Underdogs: Reebok, Puma, Saucony.
  • The Running Gurus: On, Hoka, Asics.
  • The Specialists: Salomon, Common Projects, Jordan Brand.
  • The Class of Their Own: Luxury Designers.
3 days ago

Is standing for 8 hours a day healthy? ›

Prolonged and frequent standing, without some relief by walking, causes blood to pool in the legs and feet. This pooling may progress over time to chronic and painful varicose veins and inflammation. Excessive standing also causes the joints in the spine, hips, knees, and feet to become temporarily immobilized.

What is so special about Hoka shoes? ›

It's not only highly cushioned but also lightweight and breathable, making it a comfortable option for long-distance runs. Other notable features include a compression-molded midsole, inner heel support, and Hoka's Meta-Rocker technology, which is designed to propel you forward and encourage a more natural stride.

Is standing for 8 hours okay? ›

As much as prolonged sitting is harmful to your heart, so is prolonged standing. When you stand for too long, your blood tends to pool in your legs, unable to properly circulate around the body. In effect, the veins have to work doubly hard to distribute the blood evenly to parts that need it.

What shoes broke the 2 hour marathon? ›

The Nike Alphafly - the shoe worn by Eliud Kipchoge when he became the first person to run a marathon in under two hours in Vienna in October - has been banned indefinitely under the new rules.

How do people stand on your feet for 6 hours? ›

7 tips for prolonged standing
  1. Wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes with a low heel. ...
  2. Wear support hose or socks. ...
  3. Wear a lumbar support belt and strengthen your abs. ...
  4. Maintain good posture. ...
  5. Move around to aid in circulation. ...
  6. Stay well hydrated. ...
  7. Ergonomic aids.
Jul 11, 2013

What is America's favorite shoe? ›

The “Nike Air Force 1 comes out on top in every single state as the most popular and searched for iconic sneaker in 2021,” according to eBay. It come in women's, men's and kids; high-tops, medium and low-tops; and a variety of colors.

What shoes are most luxurious? ›

1. Antonio Vietri Moon Star Shoes – $19.9 Million. Not even the best men's dress shoes can come close to the price of pure artistry of these diamond shoes. Considered the world's most expensive shoes of all time, Antonio Vietri's Moon Star Shoes are made with 30 carats of diamonds, solid gold, and a meteorite from 1576 ...

Which shoe is best for foot pain? ›

There are three brands in particular that TikTok famous podiatrist Nadia Martineau constantly recommends for people dealing with foot pain. In a recent video, she named Asics, New Balance, and Saucony as the makers of the most superior plantar fasciitis-fighting footwear money can buy.

Which company makes comfortable formal shoes? ›

Which brand has the most comfortable formal shoes? Hush Puppies makes some of the most stylish and comfortable formal shoes in India.

Which is the No 1 dress brand in world? ›

Top Clothing Brands in World 2022 by Revenue & Profit: Top clothing brands list consists of Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Zara, H&M which among the most popular and valuable brands across the continents. Here is the list of top 10 clothing brands in the world 2022.

Which is the best dress brand in the world? ›

The top 10 clothing brands in the world based on their brand value ranking in 2022 are Nike, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Adidas, Hermès, Zara, H&M, Cartier and UNIQLO.

How do you make dress shoes not hurt? ›

You can try to increase the comfort of your dress shoes by stretching or resoling them, conditioning them, changing the type of socks you wear with them, and supportive insoles. Some men's dress shoe brands focus on making a more comfortable shoe.

How do I keep my dress shoes from hurting? ›

Top tips to stop shoes rubbing
  1. Try shoes on with the socks you intend to wear them with. ...
  2. Go shoe shopping late in the day. ...
  3. Always try on both shoes. ...
  4. Invest in insoles for extra comfort. ...
  5. Always break in your shoes before wearing them outside. ...
  6. Use Vaseline on the rubbing hotspots. ...
  7. Use a hairdryer on those problem areas.
May 27, 2021

Why are Skechers so comfortable? ›

Skechers shoes are known for their memory foam technology. Originally developed by NASA (it's true!), memory foam is a material that is sensitive to pressure and temperature. This allows it to mould to shape, providing increased comfort.

Is standing 9 hours a day good? ›

Not great! Over time, standing at work can contribute to circulation problems and varicose veins, and some studies have shown that standing at length can lead to chronic back pain and musculoskeletal disorders.

Is standing 4 hours a day good? ›

Experts have found that you should try to stand for at least 2 hours per day, but up to 4 hours per day could be optimal. This might seem like a lot, but there are lots of ways you can fit standing into your day.

What is the greatest shoe of all time? ›

The 15 best sneakers of all time: Nike Air Jordan to Adidas Stan...
  • New Balance 990 (1982)
  • Nike Air Max 1 (1987)
  • Nike Air Huarache (1991)
  • Adidas Stan Smith (1963)
  • Nike Air Force 1 (1982)
  • Vans Half Cab (1992)
  • Reebok Ex-O-Fit (1983)
  • Nike Air Jordan 11 (1996)

What is the Top 10 luxury brand? ›

The Top 10 Most Popular Luxury Brands in 2022
  • Gucci.
  • Dior.
  • Chanel.
  • Louis Vuitton.
  • Hermes.
  • Rolex.
  • Tiffany.
  • Prada.
Jan 12, 2023

Which shoe brand is the best 2022? ›

These Were the Best Sneakers of 2022
Dec 19, 2022

Is Cole Haan a high end brand? ›

Cole Haan – Don't Trust The Internet

“Not only the brand ,but quality is 100% as well! Cole Haan shoes are expensive because the craftsmanship of the shoes is well made. The quality of this shoes is amazing.”

What is the most liked shoe brand? ›

Nike. Nike is one of the most popular sportswear brands in the world, and its shoes are worn by athletes in almost every sport. Its shoes are comfortable, stylish, and made from high-quality materials. Nike stands tall, securing the first spot on our list with a whopping net revenue of €36 billion as of 2021.

Is Cole Haan owned by Nike? ›

They launched a retail division in 1982, which comprised 40 plus stores worldwide and cumulative annual sales of nearly $70 million by 1996. Nike, Inc. purchased Cole Haan in 1988.

Why formal shoes are not comfortable? ›

The most pronounced difference between dress shoes and everyday footwear is simply that most dress shoes are created with (sometimes) rigid leathers. They're almost always classic in style and fit and you'd be walking on a leather sole which is most often, not very comfortable.

Is there such a thing as dress sneakers? ›

Dress sneakers have minimalist leather uppers or full-on dress shoe uppers paired with rubber soles. This allows you to wear them with a suit or casually.

Why do dress shoes hurt my ankles? ›

Shoes rub heels and ankles due to the friction created between the lining of shoes and the skin on the achilles and ankle. This friction is created when walking and is exacerbated by factors including sock material and thickness, shape of a shoe's topline, material of shoe lining, and shoe tightness.

Are dress sneakers a thing? ›

Although dress sneakers have really come into prominence in the last few years, thanks to brands like Common Projects, if you look at their design, it's really modeled after historic sneakers like the Converse High Top.

What shoes should you not wear in the office? ›

Wearing flip-flops or sandals in the office means your feet are basically bare and no one wants to look at your toes during the staff meeting. If you have a condition that makes it hard or impossible to wear closed work shoes, consider wearing work-appropriate flats or even orthopedic dress shoes.

What are men's dress shoes called? ›

Oxfords are the most common type of men's dress shoe. They can come in 'Plain Toe', 'Wing Tip', 'Cap Toe' and 'Whole Cut'. The style actually goes back to English college students in the 19th century, especially at Oxford—students wanted something more low-cut and 'trendy' than the traditional half-boot Oxbridge shoe.

Is it unprofessional to wear sneakers with a suit? ›

It's a look that's become somewhat ubiquitous in recent years, part of the unavoidable streetwear takeover that's infiltrated every corner of menswear. In the same way that minimalist sweatshirts are now suitable office wear, it's perfectly acceptable to do sneakers with formal.

Is Cole Haan a good brand? ›

Cole Haan – Don't Trust The Internet

“Not only the brand ,but quality is 100% as well! Cole Haan shoes are expensive because the craftsmanship of the shoes is well made. The quality of this shoes is amazing.”

Is it better for dress shoes to be tight or loose? ›

The shoes should feel comfortable without feeling tight. If they feel tight, loosen the laces and try again. If the laces are as loose as they can be, and the shoes are still too tight, try a wide width.

Are dress shoes better for your feet? ›

However, while dress shoes might appease your boss and look terrific with that pencil skirt, they're also a top offender when it comes to causing corns, bunions, and more serious conditions like heel pain, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis.

Should you be able to wiggle your toes in dress shoes? ›

You should be able to slide your finger between them with little force. If your finger cannot fit, the shoes are too tight. If your finger has too much room, the shoes are too large. Your toes need wiggle room so that you don't get blisters, calluses or damaged toenails.

What color dress shoes are the most versatile? ›

Black, beige, and grey shoes go with anything. Since they are all neutrals, you can wear these colors to offset a more vibrant outfit. Of course, with these neutrals, you can either mix and match or keep them in a similar tonal family. For example, there can be warm beiges and cooler beiges.

Why are they called dress shoes? ›

A dress shoe (U.S. English) is a shoe to be worn at smart casual or more formal events. A dress shoe is typically contrasted to an athletic shoe.

Do you wear socks with sneakers and a dress? ›

No Show Socks

The first step to looking good wearing sneakers with a dress? No show socks. Unless you're comfy with your bare feet in sneakers, opt for ultra low rise cotton socks. Leave knee high and thick ankle socks in the past.


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