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First Installment of Girls' Love Series | WARNING: R-18 | Mature ContentLexin Santos is a hot, filthy rich, and dominant gorgeous single mommy. She is the acting president of her family-owned company, Santos Corporation. When she chose to live in a small neighborhood, she was forced to show the goodness of her heart to her single and coffee-shop owner neighbor, Amaia Cruiz who got stunned by her morning fresh face.With their untold past, would they set aside everything and let love overpower the doubts and regrets they have been keeping for years?

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  • Desiring Her Chapter 28Is it possible to love during these hard times? Sometimes I question myself if I love her because I simply love her, or if I love her because of the thought that she loves me. That despite knowing my past, she's still here... loving me, believing in me. But maybe that was just my insecurities kicking in. These past years, I have developed this idea that no one will be able to understand me. That no one will be here for me because of my past. Yet Lexin is here... She made me overcome those fear I have in myself even the fear of loving again. I don't know what to do without her. Aside from wishing that everything is gonna fall in its right place, Lexin is everything I could ever hope to be within our lifetime. We were silently watching every camera in the building to see who was behind the flower. I shouldn’t put that incident aside because I felt like there was something more behind the white mums. I know... I may look like overreacting to some but as someone who has a family to p
  • Desiring Her Chapter 27 It was dark. My vision was blurry, my body felt so numb and no words came out of my lips when I tried to talk. I blinked my eyes when I felt something there, my hand went to check it and I almost screamed when I saw blood. My gaze went to my side... I was alone, and I'm scared. I don't know what happened. I am unable to recall what happened. My body was hung up and down inside the car, it was flipped. I'm crying, I wanted to shout for help. I felt cold, my body shook in chillness and fear. I tried to remember the event earlier. I was with someone... I was in the passenger seat when we left the party earlier. I was with her. "Katherine... Katherine..." I found my voice. "Katherine, help..." It was hard for me to get out of the car but I did eventually. I breathed hard and fast. My body is dropped on the cold hard road, eyes widened as i
  • Desiring Her Chapter 26 I continued to live with fear in my heart, and a little hope that everything will be alright, believing that there would be a chance for my life to change for the better. Since Lexin came, I thought she was the plot twist I have been waiting for, the one who'd cease all doubt and worry I kept for a long time but then, I must help myself be healed from all those bitter things. Leaving her won't help me... The idea of dropping her out of my life to save her from the danger crossed my mind. She won't like it... But she and Alex will be saved from me. From the person who would try to bring me in the mud again. Would I be happy? No. Would I choose to leave her? I don't know. Things are not just going well. "Aya, you have to think about it thoroughly," Sid's lips turned down. "You're not going to run away from your problems again. You're not going to push away those people who are willing to be with you.
  • Desiring Her Chapter 25 "Ms. Aya, someone sent you a flower." My head snapped in my secretary's direction standing near the door, holding a wreath of white flowers. My forehead knotted as I removed my glasses and stare at them for a second. Who would send me flowers? It's probably not Lexin. We are not a fan of it but I wouldn't mind receiving one only if it's from my girlfriend. And white flowers... "Who?" I asked curiously. She shrugged. "No name but there's a note saying 'I'm back!'" Shaking my head, I pointed to the table. “Just put that in the table, Jen. And please message Lin to email me an update about the coffee shop, okay?" She nodded and made her way out of my office. I massaged my temple and lean on the chair. These past few days were exhausting I barely rest. The three-day vacation we had in Batangas ended too fast. It was memorable and indeed, a day well spent. Then reality kicked in. We had to go back
  • Desiring Her Chapter 24"It's Sunday. Dani usually goes to church then, they will have a picnic after. Wanna come?" she asked as we prepared our breakfast. "Church..." My nose wrinkled. "I'm sorry but that's the last place I'd visit, Lex." I just remember my parents who served in the church for decades. Since they were young, they're too devoted to being in the kirk service, which is not an issue. The point is, they were forcing me to the house of prayer to be like them, to grow up as the typical church girl, and most I hated was to be pure forever. We fought, a lot. Because our beliefs contradicted each other's faith; they believed in the presence of the one they called God, while I don't. There were times that I was curious about Him. But I just can't bring myself to fully held the thought of Him. I find it so funny thinking of it. My parents put their hearts worshipping but weren't able to build a strong foundation that would make me join them. I s
  • Desiring Her Chapter 23There was so much love in my heart but I wasn't able to give myself some. I still wish you knew the concept of self-love before loving someone too much to your younger self. Being selfish to myself was the thing I regret most, for my love costs me. I've lost everything because of her. Remembering my old self, I saw nothing but reel, an innocent mind, and heart that always lends her hands to help. I tried to help, be a good friend and a stranger, and then was abused. The trigger was flicked. My emotions turned upside down, anger covered my heart to protect me from massive pain, I became anxious, fearful... And so, I backed away... Flee and withdrawn from everyone who brought me pain because I felt scared. At some point in my life, I became terrified of love. In those moments, I was least proud of who I was, for I failed to be the warrior I ought to be, the strong woman with the softness of marshmallow. Maybe that was why people didn't h
  • Desiring Her Chapter 22I don't really like mornings but with Lexin, it's better simply because I started my day with her by my side. I never thought this day would ever come... Where I'd wake up jumping for joy just seeing the world on top of me, sleeping soundly. The idea didn't even enter my mind before, yet now, I was given the chance to witness the beauty no one can see but me. It was fulfilling. Mornings like this are better with her. "Good morning, baby..." Her raspy voice was like a piece of music to my ears. Lexin raised her head out of my chest, glancing at the clock resting on the bedside table. She squinted her eyes at me when she saw the time. "For Pete's sake, Aya. It's still four, why are you awake so early?" "I had dreams," I lied. "Sleep more, Lexin. A long day is waiting for us, hmm? Close your eyes." "What dreams?" Curiosity filled her eyes. "Tell me about it..." She leaned her head back to my chest. Sighing, I run my fingers to her
  • Desiring Her Chapter 21 Instead of heading back to the vacation home after spending time with the oldies, we have decided to watch the wild waves, our soles upon the rough yet fine sands. We walked forward until the water soaks our bare feet, leaving our summer shoes on the ground where the surge can't reach. The brines slap through our feet as waves roll in back and forth. The soft sky over the horizon was beaming, adding the warm hues that were slowly forming on the afternoon high. As the waves rollback, the ocean breeze wraps around me, leaving it salty to taste. "Alex, don't be stubborn! Stay where you are," Lexin uttered with a hint of worry. We both look after Alex, who enjoys the salty water, floating the hollow of fate on the deep and slowly plunging it down the ocean, bringing a handful of tears dripping in between her small fingers as she lifts her palms glued together. She turned her head in our direction. The light coming out from the sun setting off made my

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