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With a slight blush of embarrassment, she nods, and her boss smiles." You know it isn't free, right?" Even though she can't speak, she made up her mind to do it for her grandparents."yes," she says as tears run down her cheeks."Okay good, a deal is a deal," he said with a smirk.

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  • Desiring HerCHAPTER 51Xiana was full so Kino was restless outside the delivery room"Son, calm down""Yes brother" Julianna said annoyed"Haha, it's like the first time," Kian said with a laugh, so Kino looked at him evilly"Oh god" he closed his eyes when his wife screamed because he didn't want to have a cesarean so he was scared"Baby be strong" he shouted outside the delivery room"KINOOOOOO" xiana shouted as she pushed until the first baby that came out cried and was taken care of immediately."Now we will wait for a minute, mommy take a deep breath, there is more" xiana nodded and took a deep breath. When xiana suddenly pushed, she was immediately supported by a doctor"Push mommy""AHHHHHHHHH" he shouted and lay down exhausted when the second one came out"Congratulations mommy for delivering a healthy twin baby boy" xiana smiled when she put it on her stomach when suddenly xiana moaned again so the doctor was surprised and only then did they notice that something was coming out."AHHHHHHHKINOOOOO"
  • Desiring HerCHAPTER 50"Hahahahaha" xiana suddenly laughed because she found out so kino approached her"I hate to say this but I hate what you did to yourself" Kino said to his wife and he lay down on the side and hugged her."So you have twins?" asked xiana in disbelief"Yes" xiana was surprised"Why didn't you introduce me?""It's just one week ago love that I found out I have twins, I accidentally met them with mommy at a restaurant""Thank you so much for everything Mr. Fugo, if it wasn't for you, I would have failed, you really fell from the sky to people like us who are falling" Kino said with a smile when the meeting was over and he left when the meeting was over and when he left the VIP Room, his cell phone fell at the same time as it was in lock mode, so he didn't know what password was on it, he was guessing the password while walking when he bumped into something."Sorr--He stopped speaking in shock, looking blankly at the man in front of him and then at his mommy."Mommy?" he said"Who's son?"
  • Desiring HerCHAPTER 49xiana doesn't notice the darkness around her anymore, crying she's just dumbfounded that sometimes she thinks of just jumping, she thinks that all her happy days are over, while kino notices that her husband is not there, she asks that everyone help but there was only one answer, he left when he also left, saying goodbye that he was going to his brother for a check up but when he called his brother he said he didn't come. Even if he wanted to admit it and ask for help, he was afraid. He was afraid of what might happen so he looked for him alone. It wasn't until the middle of the night that the husband didn't come home, very scared and saying sorry to the wind over and over again. He punched his steering wheel furiously, regretting everything he did."Baby sorry! Where have you been?" he cried. He did not fulfill his promise,"Sorry" she cried, she spent the whole night looking for her husband but she was unlucky, she tried to call him but he didn't answer until she fell asleep in the
  • Desiring HerCHAPTER 48xiana was just looking at the pictures she was holding, she didn't know if she would believe it or just aside it out, she looked at sevastina as she placed the pictures on the table and caressed her stomach."Your not saying anything about this?" Sevastina asked him. But xiana just took a deep breath"Hey Sevastina, have you been here for a while?" Lexin asked who had just arrived."And whoawh what's this?" sat down and took pictures from the table."Tss" sevastina said annoyed, after what happened on sevastina and who xiana found out, and unfortunately she and sevastina became close since she regretted what she did then and xiana is very kind xiana immediately forgave her and became a friend and this is also his constant companion if he leaves,"Where did you get it, ves?" Lexin asked Sevastina"Oh yeah right! I had a business meeting in KS Branch one then there, I saw kino with this slinky girl who when she laughs it's like swallowing a microphone and then when she holds her arm lik
  • Desiring HerCHAPTER 47Xiana's belly is exactly 3 months old and Cohan is 4 months old, Lexin is with xiana for the ultrasound because her best friend has a gender reveal party.While xiana's older brother was examining her stomach, she was looking at the monitor."What's up brother?" xiana said excitedly when it was over but lexin immediately came and hugged her boyfriend and gave him a kiss on the lips so xiana got bored and sat down"Don't say it when you say it, you're sorry, you don't have dessert every night" xiana laughed at what Lexin said"Yes! I won't tell""It's my brother," Xiana pouted"Sorry, little one, the party will be later" xiana couldn't do anything and suddenly Kino came in and found Lexin standing next to Mic."I swear to you! Really in front of my husband? Love, what's up?" he asked excitedly, making xiana angry."Oh why? ""They don't want to say it" hugged Kino"It's later" kino laughed and carried xiana to take her down"Well as I expected, you'll really be smart?" Kino said laughi
  • Desiring HerCHAPTER 46Kino has already said goodbye to her husband to go to the hell restaurant for xiana's father, xiana doesn't know anything because when she says goodbye to him, she's only going to buy something.When he arrived, someone greeted him"A reservation for Ronssonion?" the waitress nodded."Follow me sir" he followed until they reached the private room so he entered then he saw xiana's father waiting for him."You here, have a seat" he smiled and sat in the opposite seat."Good evening" kino greeted xiana's father"We just talked today because of my son's decision, I didn't do anything but I want to talk to you" kino swallowed"It's no use if I say do you love my son?" It laughed at the same time"But I wanted to tell you this," Alejandro's father said softly"Don't ever leave my daughter and my grandchildren, don't ever make the mistake of being a woman or else" Alejandro suddenly slammed his palm-fisted hand on the table so that Kino was surprised"I'm the one you can fight Mr. Fugo" Kino
  • Desiring HerCHAPTER 45Kino's Point of viewI was nervous while looking at xiana's father's email, why didn't I think that my husband's father could be against it,Let's meet tonight at Hell's RestaurantI swallowed because the restaurant's name alone is scary as hell,"What's new?" I looked up at wander."What are you doing here? Where is a demon?" I asked him laughing."There's a hearing so I'm going to work but im here to inform you this" he gave me an envelope so I accepted it then I saw the pictures of xiana in super shorts only wearing a brassiere and she's dancing on a poll bars, staring I do it well.(Narrates)"You knew xiana work on bars before and I don't know the reason but you need to settle this out kino, there is a man who threatened that if you don't give him the billions worth he is asking for he will expose your wife's work past" he sniffed. kino in his senses."I'll take care of it, thank you for this wander" the friend nodded"I'm leaving" Kino gave a simple nod and when his friend left,
  • Desiring HerCHAPTER 44When I woke up I was in the room but no one was there, so I got up and there was no change either,"Where are they?" I touched my forehead. Even though my head still hurts, I have to get up, I ruined his interview again, I was sloppy in front of him, I went straight to the kitchen and baked, then I turned on the TV, I was happily baking when I heard his name who was on TV so I stopped, I saw him and he was alone."This high-profile American-Spanish-Filipino chef and businessman is most celebrated in the culinary industry. Didn't they always say that a devoted student was worth a hundred teachers? From his undying wish of being a footballer, destiny planned differently for this culinary magician who resorted to being a chef after being injured during football. The only chef in the Philippines or let's say nationwide having received 50 Michelin Stars, this man plays harmony in his food. He transcends cuisines to present the most sumptuous delicacies to his customers. With appearances on

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