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You understand from playing Madden 23 that having a strong defense is just as important as having a good offense. Moreover, choosing the appropriate playbook might make all the difference if your defense style is a 4-3. Finding the playbook that best matches your playstyle might be difficult, given the variety of playbooks offered in the game. But be assured that we have you covered. This article will examine the best Madden 23 playbooks for 4-3 defenses and analyze their advantages and disadvantages. With these great playbooks, get ready to rule the field.

The 4-3 defense may not be as visually appealing as some other plays, but its track record of success speaks for itself. Despite the NFL switching to the 3-4 defense, it is still a common choice in Madden 23's playbook. Choosing the ideal 4-3 playbook as a gamer might be difficult. While many of the defensive plays in Madden are prevalent, picking the appropriate playbook is essential for gaining an advantage over your opponents. With the help of these playbooks, you can fully utilize your team's defensive capabilities and win the game.

Defend Like a Pro: Top 4-3 Defensive Playbooks in Madden 23

The Buffalo Bills

A powerhouse team in the AFC East division boasts a formidable 4-3 defensive playbook that can shut down even the most dominant offenses. Led by stars like Tre’Davious White, Von Miller, Micah Hyde, and Jordan Poyer, their defense is a force to be reckoned with. Here are the three best plays from their playbook:

  • Sam Blitz 3 (Over Wide): This play is a zone blitz that sends the outside backer along with the front four. It effectively shuts down short-yardage plays by leaving only the flats open.

  • 1 Contain Press (Under):In this play, the defense provides a spy for the quarterback while in a Cover 1 press. This is particularly effective against mobile quarterbacks.

  • Sam 1 Sting (Over Solid): This play brings a blitz with the Sam backer and is more of a man coverage. It's perfect for keeping your linebackers on tight ends.

The Bills' defense is not the only one to rely on the 4-3 playbook. Other top teams, such as the Seattle Seahawks, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Carolina Panthers, also use it effectively. By mastering these plays, and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the 4-3 defense, you'll be able to shut down any offense and lead your team to glory in Madden 23.

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Dallas Cowboys

One playbook that stands out for 4-3 defenses is the Dallas Cowboys (NFC East). Led by second-year player Micah Parsons (88 OVR), the Cowboys have a formidable front seven featuring DeMarcus Lawrence (90 OVR) and Leighton Vander Esch (80 OVR). Trevon Diggs (84 OVR) and Jayron Kearse (80 OVR) make for a solid defensive backfield in the secondary.

Here are some of the Dallas Cowboys' best plays for 4-3 defenses:

  • Will Go Fire 3 (Under): This zone blitz sends Parsons through the gap created by the right side of the line to disrupt plays in the backfield.

  • Cover 1 Spy (Over Wide):This play features a spy to keep mobile quarterbacks, such as Jalen Hurts, in check.

  • OLB Fire Man (Over): This play sends both outside linebackers on a blitz, leaving the others in man coverage. The key is to bring pressure and disrupt the play.

But the Dallas Cowboys are not the only playbook with great 4-3 plays. The Chicago Bears (NFC North) also have several effective plays, such as Cover 4, which provides excellent coverage against deep passes, and Mike 0 Blitz, a zero blitz that puts pressure on the quarterback.

Another great playbook is the Jacksonville Jaguars (AFC South), featuring plays like Cover 3 Match and 4 Press that are effective against both the run and the pass. The Carolina Panthers (NFC South) also have a strong 4-3 playbook with plays like Cover 4 Quarters and Will Cross Fire that can be tough for opposing offenses to overcome.

In conclusion, the right playbook and effective plays can make a huge difference in dominating the defensive end in Madden 23. Whether you choose the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars, or Carolina Panthers, practice your plays and execute them with precision for maximum impact on the field.

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Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are a squad with several intriguing talents on offense and a solid defensive foundation, making them a dark horse team that may confound their opponents. The Colts offense is anticipated to improve this season because of the additions of quarterback Matt Ryan and running back Jonathan Taylor. But their defense stands out, and they have a squad full of guys who can give even the best offenses trouble.

Stephon Gilmore, former Buffalo and New England cornerback, leads the Colts' defense with an overall rating (OVR) of 91. He's joined on the opposite side by Kenny Moore II with an 87 OVR rating. Up front, DeForest Buckner (90 OVR), Darius Leonard (90 OVR), and Yannick Ngakoue (82 OVR) form a strong trio of defenders. Grover Stewart (82 OVR) and middle backer Bobby Okereke (81 OVR) further strengthen the Colts' defense. All these players work together to create one of the most balanced defenses in the game.

Here are the best plays for the Indianapolis Colts:

  • Cover 2 Man (Over) - The Cover 2 Man is a common Cover 2 play that mostly depends on Gilmore and Moore II's coverage skills to eliminate the offense's top two options. This play can help you eliminate some of your opponents' top passing options, but watch out for deep routes that may be challenging to cover.

  • Cover 3 Hard Flat (Over Solid)- The Cover 3 Hard Flat creates a Cover 3 zone that blocks the completion of flat passes. This play is a strong choice for defending against quick passes since it is ideal for halting short and intermediate routes. Watch out for sideline passes, though, since they could be challenging to stop.

  • Tampa 2 (Over Wide) - The front four players are sent in a classic Tampa 2 zone defense, which covers almost the entire field. You can use this move to defend against various offensive tactics, such as short, medium, and deep passes. It's a play that can be used in a variety of settings.

Despite not having the most fans in Madden 23, the Indianapolis Colts have one of the most balanced and efficient defenses. The Colts can pose challenges for even the most imposing offenses because they have some top players in the game at crucial positions. The Colts are a team to consider if you're looking for a squad to defend you against different offensive plans.

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San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers have been a force to be reckoned with in Madden 23, thanks to their full 4-3 defensive playbook. With an impressive lineup of players on both the line and in the secondary, the 49ers have the potential to shut down even the most potent offenses in the game.

Here are the three best plays from their playbook:

  • LB Sting 1 (Over)-When it comes to blitzing the quarterback, LB Sting 1 is an excellent play. This man coverage sends a backer on a blitz with a safety in zone coverage up top. This play plays center field and is perfect for catching a quarterback off guard.

  • Cover 1 Spy (Over Wide) - Cover 1 Spy is a good choice for quarterbacks who move around a lot. To find elusive quarterbacks, you may use Fred Warner as your snitch in this Cover 1 play. The spy option can successfully thwart the offense's running game and is ideal for those challenging quarterback plays.

  • Hammer 0 Blast (Over Solid) - The Hammer 0 Blast is a great choice when exerting pressure. With the front four under pressure from this play, both outside backers are sent, forcing the team into man coverage. This gives the quarterback few alternatives and can be a useful strategy for upsetting the rhythm of the opposing offense.

Two of Madden 23's top defensive players, middle linebacker Fred Warner and Nick Bosa (94 OVR), are the cornerstones of the 49ers' defense. Bosa and Warner will continue to get better throughout the season, and San Francisco's ability to defeat the league's best teams will depend on their performance and health. Moreover, a formidable secondary is formed by Jason Verrett (81 OVR), Jimmie Ward (87 OVR), and Charvarius Ward (80 OVR) to stop long passes and tackle receivers.

One of the most successful defenses in the game has been the 49ers', and it has been a major contributor to their success. You can crush your opponents and lead your team to victory by executing the LB Sting 1, Cover 1 Spy, and Hammer 0 Blast plays. The San Francisco 49ers' 4-3 defensive playbook is a great option for any Madden 23 player trying to win, whether you are playing against elite opposition or simply want to better your game.

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In Madden 23, you can construct an impenetrable defense and successfully shut down your opponents by using these top 4-3 defensive playbooks. Pick the playbook that best suits your playing style because each has pros and cons of its own. Keep in mind that learning a playbook requires time and effort. If you don't experience results right away, don't give up. Learning the subtleties of each formation, package, and play requires practice. Keep having fun, doing new things, and learning.

Also, keep in mind that adaptability is essential for success in Madden 23. To keep your opponent off-balance, don't be hesitant to alter your defensive plan or playbook in the middle of the game. Overall, these 4-3 defensive playbooks are a wonderful place to start if you want to improve your Madden 23 performance. You may master your defense and outperform the opposition with time and effort.


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