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My period is due in 2 days although it is often irregular and I took a pregnancy test today which came up negative, although I have been feeling strange and I am usually in good health.My vagina is very sensitive during sex, my breasts are harder and sore, I have terrible mood swings, I feel bloated, have increased appetite and wake up early in hunger, I fainted two days ago, I get twinges in my abdomen, (particularly on one side), I feel sleepy more often, I find that I produce more clear discharge than usual, and I feel warmer at night than usual.Is it possible to be pregnant and it not show up on the pregnancy test? I am at day 29 and my period usually occurs at day 31 but is often a few days late. Pregnancy is the only thing I can think of o explain these sudden sypmtoms because I am usually in good health.

Asked by 1kristal on Jan 24th 2007

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Sunita Khatri, MD answered this in Pregnancy Symptoms When You're Not Expecting? - READ MORE

You see, I think that you are a bit worried. If you have reasons to take apregnancy test,that is OK. It is OK if you even do it again if you have intercourseif you don't use protection, etc. Anyway, you should also know that pregnancy tests are not 100 percent reliableand that you can't be sure what they are telling you. Another thing that you should know is that pregnancy symptoms and symptoms when your period is about to come are pretty much similar, so those tender breasts should not bother you so much.Have a nice day.

Answer by Guest - Jan 25th 2007

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Home pregnancy tests are notorious for not being accurate soon after conception. The best thing to do would be to make an appointment with your gynocologist. Your gyno can order a blood draw to check for HCG serum levels which is extremely accurate.

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Answer by Featherlite8421848 - Jan 25th 2007

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I know this an old thread but maybe someone out there is going through what I am and might be able to help. I have had what I think to be implantation spotting, it was 5 days after ovulation and was brownish cervical mucus(sorry if tmi)with a little red strand and I also had lots of cramping. I still have some cramping along with extreme fatigue(if Im not occupied I will fall asleep) and have nuasea. I also have sore breasts and nipples. If I don't eat every 4 hrs. I feel faint and completely empty. I couldn't help myself and bought a First Response pregnancy test becuase it said you could test 4 or 5 days before your missed period. So I tested 4 days before and it came back negative. My period is due in 4 days and I totally feel pregnant, but am wondering if anyone else has tried this test early and then again after missed period and got a positive. Just hopeful as we are ttc. Any stories would be great! thanks

Answer by shan2798047 - Dec 15th 2008

i have a son who will be a year old, and with him i waited until i was 7 days late because i was so sick of buying tests every month and then having af come soon after. i had no signs of pregnancy with him, but the day after i got a positive morning sickness hit me like a ton of bricks, along with the food and smell aversions. the day after i tested positive i went to the doc and found out i was 5 weeks along. they sometimes say that all of the pregnancy symptoms don't really start until 5-6 weeks, but i'm not really sure. if you are testing 4 days early, i think that is way too soon. i would wait until you are at least 3-4 days late, if you get a negative and still no af, i would wait another 2-3 days and test again. i know those tests say that can detect early, but hgc levels vary from woman to woman, so i don't really rely on those especially not this early on. good luck to you! :-D

Answer by Guest - Dec 30th 2008

Wow im glad i found a thread that i found to make me feel positive about all this, ive been trying for almost a year since i miscarried last year in april, and i havent been pregnant yet, so we decided to be more precise with our trying, well now im due for my periods, they come every 26 days or less (going froom the last 3 months) but they are late, its day 29 today and no Sign of periods, im extremely tired and moody, my boobs arent too sore yet, nausea was really bad a bout a week ago but isnt there much now, but i seem to have Huge cravings, Sour cream on everything... somepeople say that its not common to have cravings till im further on, i really hope i am pregnant cause it would be a dream come true, im constantly hungry or snacking but not really putting on weight (my breats are swollen though) i did a HPT the day after i was due but got a negative result... keep your fingers crossed for me please..... i really hope that this time its just different symptoms, cause last time i was really really really sick all day every day, peeing constantly, i have noticed im more frequent visitor to the toilet.. but im just so tired of getting a negative result.. its really upsetting.... if you have any light on the subject i would greatly appreciate the feedback

Answer by Kitimacleod - Feb 18th 2009

I'm starting to wonder if I am just obsessing over getting pregnant... For the last several months I have been convinced I was pregnant before my period only to get my period a day or 2 late. However, this month I have way different symptoms. I am extremely irritable which is way out of character and have been snapping on everybody around me, dull headache/backache on and off, my breasts are swollen and sore most of the time, and I just want to sleep all the time! Due to get my period on March 6. So far hpt is negative, but from what I am hearing, maybe it is way too early???? Lets pray for each other.

Answer by Guest - Mar 1st 2009

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Hi Kitimacleod, I know your thread is over a week old now.. but I feel for you as I too am having similar symptoms.. with period due in 3 days I did a HPT thismorning which showed a negative result. I have had constant cramping for a week, enlarged breasts which are quite sore, quite tierd and teary also.. I'm just wondering how you got on? And how you are feeling either way (pregnant or not) I know how disappointing it can be to see just that one line appear time after time..

Answer by Ames x - Mar 1st 2009

I was reading your note about all of your symptoms. Any news on the result?? I too am TTC and love reading all of the good stories!

Answer by berkeleycali106116 - Mar 1st 2009

I am also 2 days away from "getting my period". Man I hope not! I have all the symptoms but still neg HPT. Am I just psyching myself out?

Answer by Guest - Mar 10th 2009

hi everyonesad as i t is its good to hear that I'm not alone.. i just did a pregnancy test & it came out negative... there's a week to go b4 my period so it was stupid of me to do it early but i couldn't help myself! waiting is torture.. i'm so upset, i have had minor headaches, feeling hungry all the time, cramping, feeling emotional-the symptoms are there (unless I'm imagining them), its such a horrible feeling..please pray for me! x

Answer by Guest - Mar 16th 2009

Hello! I am right there with you all. I had a dream last night that I took a HPT and the result was positive, so of course, when I woke up I took a test and got yet another BFN. :-( Anyway, I have semi-tender breasts, I wouldn't really say they are sore. I am very sleepy especially come mid-afternoon. Cramping off and on in abdomen and lower back since 6-7 DPO. And really gassy, nauseated and bloated on 6, 7 and 8 DPO. My last af started 2/23/09 and I ovulated 3/6/09 (cycle day 12). And since then (what we hope to be)pregnancy symptoms have been increasing, slowly but surely. I have a 10 year old son and that pregnancy was smooth sailing. No "morning" sickness, didn't really have cravings, just some backache and frequent urination. So I don't know. We are hoping for the blessing of a child and I will be so disappointed if I see another negative or af arrives. GOOD LUCK to all of you! Baby dust and God bless. I will keep you posted. Please be sure to post your updates as well! :-P

Answer by ttc at 31107831 - Mar 18th 2009


Just wondering did you ever find out if you were pregnant or not?

Answer by shenu108138 - Mar 21st 2009

Hi,I know how u all feel! im 4days before period is due, this month i was convinced i would be pregnant, i am hungry all the time, so many mood swings, feeling weird sensations in lower belly. But have done early test and its negative and have lost ALL hope.What did results come back as on all yours?

Answer by Guest - Mar 24th 2009

Hi everyone, ahh.... I see I'm not alone... But it sounds like I'm the most crazy one yet! hahaha!!! My period is due tomorrow, and I've taken a test everyday this week... all say negative! ugh... I HATE when it says negative! I've had 2 miscarriages in the past 12 months, and every time I've taken a test before and was pregnant, it was always a day or two before my period was due and it came up positive! SO... I dunno... Hopefully I won't start tomorrow, and then I can take a test on Saturday. Every month I have the same "pregnancy feeling" : Sore breasts, headaches, hungry alllll the time, light cramping... then I always start my period! Good luck to everyone out there! I'll be praying for you gals!

Answer by Guest - Apr 2nd 2009

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